Deb Jones Sept 15 Let’s Get FOCUSED! (AUDITING)


Deb Jones Sept 15 Let’s Get FOCUSED! 

Get Focused! is one of Deb’s most popular courses at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Everyone wants focus, but do you really understand what it is and how to get it? It’s more complicated than most people think! It’s a struggle to train a dog who does not have focus. You are often fighting with competing environmental distractions. If your dog is unfocused, we will work to identify the reasons why your dog is not engaged with you. Unfocused dogs may suffer from a lack of clarity, a lack of enthusiasm, a lack of control, a lack of confidence, a lack of foundation work, or some combination of those variables.
Come join us in learning why dogs do not have focus, and to tailor a plan for each individual team to develop an engaged and focused dog. Deb will present and lead you through a series of simple, yet highly effective, focus exercises throughout the day. All dogs at all levels of training can benefit from dedicated focus work.


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