Scheduled Dates

4/6/2020   04:00 PM  05:00 PM
4/13/2020   04:00 PM  05:00 PM
4/20/2020   04:00 PM  05:00 PM
4/27/2020   04:00 PM  05:00 PM

Footwork & Body Language for Obedience and Rally

Dates: 4/6/2020 to 4/27/2020
Schedule: Mo 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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Located in : White Plains Facility, Lower Level - Whole Room
Instructor: Ann Mandelbaum

General Public: $115.00
PCOTC Volunteer Member: $80.00

Probably you have been introduced to many of these communication aids and “legal” cues in your Obedience/Rally courses. Your instructors have suggested that you start heeling on your left foot, or you should lean forward when you want to start a fast. But usually these details are not the focus of the lessons and you don’t realize how powerfully they can influence your team’s performance. Remember, dogs don’t speak English! This short course will help you develop a vocabulary they automatically DO understand.

Pre-requisite: current or previous enrollment in any class listed under "Obedience and Rally Classes" or approval from the instructor.

Additional Information

4 weeks - 4/6-4/27