Scheduled Dates

9/2/2019   09:00 AM  05:00 PM

Kerry Smith Sep 2 2019 Course Analysis AUDITING

The will be held on Monday, September 2, 2019
From 09:00 AM until 05:00 PM

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Located in : White Plains Facility, Lower Level - Whole Room

General Public: $95.00

Have you said “I can’t get there” or “I’m not fast enough”? This session will
focus on course analysis and lines to find the clearest and fastest path for
your dog. Finding the best lines on a course will help you determine which
way to turn on a course and choose the best way to handle a sequence.
Finding the natural line for the dog will make you feel less frantic on course
and be more proactive. It will let your dog know earlier which way to go and
you will see less frustration in your dog and you will actually have to run less.