To continue with on-line registration:  
 Click on "Login" - top right corner next to the shopping cart.

This will navigate you to the next Login screen.


The PCOTC COVID-19 Policy is found here

 You must comply with the COVID-19 Policy if you are attending classes. Refusal to comply with all COVID-19 related directions from your instructor will result in dismissal from class with no credit, refund, or make up class allowed.

Face masks and social distancing are required the entire time you are in the PCOTC training facility. 


New Students:

 Scroll down to the bottom of the next Login Screen and click Create New Account in the bottom right corner. You will be creating an account for each of your dogs.

  • The fee is for one dog to attend the class and not per family member. Only register more than once for a class if you are bringing more than 1 dog to the class. Thank you!!
  • When you create a new account, you should format the "first name" field as "Your First Name-Dog's Name." If multiple family members will be attending the class, please just select one family member's name for the first name field. This allows you and your instructors to track which classes each of your dogs are taking separately.
  • if you have multiple dogs, create an account with one dog. then click "Add another person to this account" on the "My Account" page after logging in to add another dog to your account.


Existing Volunteer Club MembersRemember to email registration after adding any new dogs to your account, so that they can be tagged as volunteer members. Each dog must be individually tagged as a volunteer member by registration.